Plans for more rubbish containers

There are plans to install a further 150 rubbish containers in various areas of the town as part of plans to improve rubbish collection and recycling. In addition, the following water rates bill will include information on the importance of recycling.

From January to August this year, the cleaning service has collected 112,973 kilos of packaging, 267,790 kilos of glass and 157,505 kilos of paper and cardboard, a significant increase over previous years.

  1. Tony Slade says:

    Not before time!
    Four years ago, there were 3 large bins at the top end of Calle Carabeo. After the road-works, only two were restored.
    I wrote to the councillor responsible in May, but never got a reply (surprise! surprise!). Perhaps there is hope now, thus reducing the amount of loose rubbish which is dumped there every day. No wonder there are flies everywhere!

  2. Yes I agree that the bins at the end of Calle Carabeo spoil this newly pedestrianised street. They are open to flies etc and are not even screened off. Tourists are having to almost brush past them. This is supposed to be a prestigious street so better rubbish containers really are a must.

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