Response to planned opening of the History Museum

The spokesperson for the Municipal Government and member of the Nerja Caves Foundation, José Miguel García, has expressed his satisfaction at the planned opening of the new History Museum, describing it as a ‘first class cultural facility’.

However, he says he feels less positive after hearing that the manager of the Nerja Caves Foundation, Angel Ramírez, proposes to close the museum again the next day, adding that this decision has nothing to do with the lack of an opening licence.

José Miguel García said that the Council would not put any obstacle in the way of the obtaining of the licence and would be issuing said licence within a few days. He said that many facilities successfully open without being in possession of an opening licence.

As far as José Miguel García is concerned, the real reason for the museum having to close again after the open day on Friday is a lack of staff. He said that when Angel Ramírez presented the legally requisite organisational chart for staffing it was deemed manifestly unlawful by the State Attorney and since then, nothing further has been done.

José Miguel García said that this was just one of numerous examples of disastrous management by Ramirez, pointing out that he had also approved the tariffs for entry to the museum but has neither tickets to be given nor the staff to give them out. He said that it taken five years before Ramirez found out that they would need entrance tickets.

As a parting shot, Garcia noted that the only reason for the existence of the museum is the action of the Mayor of Nerja who ceded the plot of land and made preparations for the start of construction.

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