Coín awards public lighting contract to private company

Coín has become the first municipality in Andalucia to award the public lighting service to a private company, a move which could reduce the municipal electricity bill by up to fifty percent.

The concession, initially for twelve years, has been awarded to the joint venture company Servicios Energéticos de Coín, a collaboration between the companies Sice and Creara.

The company will be responsible for the management of the public lighting system, maintenance and for the payment of the electricity bill to whichever supplier they choose.

New lighting has already been installed in one street and work is set to begin on another five streets, the old mercury lights (250 watt) being replaced by more energy-efficient LED lights (50 watts).

The new lighting system also incorporates a system of telemonitoring, enabling each unit to be monitored in real-time and allowing the possibility to adjust the level of lighting at each point according to conditions. This could result in energy savings of up to 70%.


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