Adventures in Cell Block Ely

‘It’s not a prison’: Parents’ fury as 600 children receive detention in four days after rules crackdown.

According to parents, some of whom are looking to take their children out of the City of Ely Community College in Cambridgeshire, England, the rules are ‘draconian’ and making the school more like a prison.

So it obviously all came as a big surprise to both parents and pupils. Of course not, the parents were warned in a letter about the adoption of a policy of ‘zero tolerance’ and the consequences for infringements. So what are these ‘draconian’ rules?

Eating in class or chewing gum
Dropping litter
Wearing visible headphones during lessons or in the corridor
Having a visible mobile phone or iPod in the corridor or lesson time
Being late to registration, refusing to follow teacher’s instructions
Being rude to other students or staff
Wearing excessive make-up, jewellery, shoes, trousers, skirts or hair
Wearing outdoor clothing, such as scarves and hoodies, inside
Eating in undesignated areas
Running in the corridors
Misbehaving on the journey to or from school

Doesn’t seem to be anything too draconian. A couple of oddities, maybe. More like a bit of ‘discipline’ and ‘respect’.

Presumably, then, it’s OK for a pupil to be late for class, take his seat and sit there with a fag in one hand, a burger in the other, listening to music on his iPod while checking Twitter on his mobile and telling the teacher to ‘go away’ when asked to take his feet off the desk.

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