Three detained in Córdoba on kidnapping charges

Three people, two men and one woman, have been arrested in Córdoba for kidnapping two men who had gone to a brothel in Avenida de la Fuensanta.

Apparently enticed into the brothel, the men were then bound and gagged. Perhaps realising that this was not, in fact, part of the service, the men got free but were then threatened by two men armed with knives and subsequently found themselves handcuffed.

The kidnappers then took money, personal belongings and house keys from their victims and went to the home of one of the victims, managing to steal €400 before being disturbed by a neighbour.

Following a police investigation, two of the alleged kidnappers were arrested at a house in Montilla. During the raid, police seized a large knife, handcuffs, 120 rounds of ammunition and a large quantity of drugs.

The third person involved, a 41 year old woman with the initials C.G.G., was also later detained. The woman owned the brothel used as the bait to attract potential victims.

All the detainees have prior criminal history for theft, bank robberies, robbery with violence, drug trafficking and a number of other offences.

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