Social club, veggies and fish…

Benches on calle San Miguel, NerjaThis has to be the most popular set of public benches in Nerja, always a good crowd sitting around having a natter. Set in a U-shape, it does make it quite social and these days, tends to get more patrons than the nearby revamped Plaza de la Ermita.

The veggie sellers are back on street corners again, but the fish sellers are more circumspect since the Guardia Civil came round a while back and confiscated all the fish.

More and more people selling their own fruit and veggies from their doorways.

Veggies, Nerja Veggies, Nerja

  1. Peter Wilkinson says:

    Thank goodness for things like this that make Spain a joy to live in. In the UK the pensioners would be moved on for potentially creating a hazard to other pedestrians. The front door sellers would be pounced on by Health and Safety, Environmental Health, Trading Standards, etc etc jobsworths for not having the right paperwork or the correct multitude of forms filled in. Even charitable organisations like the good old Women´s Institute and Church Bazaars have been targeted for selling home made jams, relishes and cakes. Most of the time it´s the “Compensation Culture” gone mad, nobody takes responsibility for their own actions anymorei it´s for ever somebody elses fault.

  2. will says:

    I write this thread on a very wet & windy Sunday morning in good old Blighty, where the taste of a Sun ripened tomatoe is a million miles away
    I am reading a book Called “Chickens Mules and two old fools” Life in andalucia from a couple of ex pats. Very funny.
    As a break from the book I have logged on and instantly am transported to my favorite place on earth, Thank-you Nerja News.
    How fantastic it is to see the locals sitting amongst the seating area, just watching the world go by. I cannot wait for my summer holiday to nerja where I also will enjoy this pastime.
    On the subject of selling veggies and fruit, I cannot think of a better way to buy and enjoy delicious local produce. You would not believe the prices for good local produce in the UK Currently.
    How can anyone not enjoy something that was only picked probably hours before sale.
    I hope things stay as they are in spain and the opportunity to buy from your neighbor or friends remains a tradition for all to share for many years to come.

  3. will says:

    if veggies are in a plentiful supply as they seem to be in the photos attached ,here is a good recepie you may wish to try.
    1 x butternut squash or any other pumpkin type veg, boil in salted water. also boil a can of chickpeas. after the butternut squash has become soft place it in a shallow dish with the chickpeas, add 2 x cloves of minced garlic or some garlic oil. add extra garlic if it suits. mash all together and then place in the oven baking gas mark 200 for approx 15 mins.
    You will love this alternative to potatoes.

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