Dogs ‘rescued’ from their ‘saviours’

Seprona is investigating the transportation of dogs from Cádiz to Italy and on Saturday they intercepted a van full of animals being kept without food or water and for which there was no documentation.

Every two weeks dozens of dogs are transported from Cádiz to Milan, locked in vans without food and water and without the necessary documentation, and in recent months, over 1,000 animals have made this journey.

This transportation is carried out by an Italian association and on their website they announce that they are saving dogs being kept in terrible conditions in a country, Spain, where there is widespread and systematic abuse of animals.

The latest shipment contained twenty-four dogs which Seprona has now requisitioned while an investigation is carried out. Seprona began monitoring these shipments of animals about four months ago.

There is apparently a legal vacuum in Spain relating to the transfer of possible or potential pets and Seprona is trying to find out whether there is some sort of scam being operated by associations in Italy, a country where public support, namely financial assistance, for the maintenance of pets is much higher than is the case in Spain.

The case is made more strange by the fact that the association transporting the animals in poor conditions is well aware that they are being monitored by the Spanish authorities.

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