The worst is yet to come

According to a survey published by the European Commission, 53% of Spaniards believe that the worst of the economic crisis, particularly relating to employment, is yet to come.

The survey was carried out on 31,769 Europeans during the period May 6th to May 26th, so doesn’t take into account the latest wave of attacks by investors and speculators on countries such as Spain and Italy.

In Denmark, on the other hand, 68% believe that the crisis cannot get any worse and has hit rock bottom.

At the opposite end of the scale, Portugal (80%), Greece (78%), Ireland (60%), Cyprus (63%) and the United Kingdom (61%) believe that things will get worse.

Europeans believe that the initiatives required to promote competitiveness in the European economy are improving education and training (48%), reducing government deficits and debt (34%), facilitating the incorporation of companies (34%) and investment in research and innovation (29%).

  1. Whatever happened to the power of positive thinking? But then even the President of the EU, was kicking Europe when it is already down yesterday!!

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