Vélez-Málaga ‘blue zone’ parking system delayed

The so-called ‘blue zone’ paid parking system in Vélez-Málaga and Torre del Mar will not come into operation until some time in 2012, the Council not wishing to act in haste. The project was only started in 2007.

The Council hopes to resume discussions on a comprehensive mobility plan in October, endeavouring to reach a suitable agreement with residents, businesses and associations in the two areas.

The original project, dreamt up in 2007, envisages 546 parking spaces spread over seventeen streets, ten in Vélez-Málaga and seven in Torre del Mar.

Parking would be charged at €1.014 per hour with a maximum stay of one and a half hours. Residents would get a special rate of €5.09 per week. The Council is hoping to sign an agreement with the Association of Physically Handicapped (AMIVEL) to be responsible for the monitoring and control of the ‘blue’ parking areas.

Streets included in the plan are:

Calle Cervantes (27 parking places), Plaza de la iglesia de San Antonio de Padua, (50 places), Camino Viejo de Málaga (92 places), calle Joaquín Lobato (12 places),Plaza de La Gloria (21 places),Paseo Nuevo (25 places) calle Canalejas (15 places), calle Reñidero (48 places), calle Alcalde José Herrera (24 places), calle Del Río (75 places)), Plaza Axarquía (44 places), calle Del Mar (39 places), calle San Martín (44 places), calle San Andrés (55 places), Del Río (49 places), calle Duque de Ahumada (84 places) and calle Genaro Rincón (24 places).

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