Four arrested for trying to steal a warehouse

Four people have been detained in Utrera, Sevilla, after they were caught illegally demolishing a warehouse, presumably for the purpose of selling the metal.

A Seprona Guardia Civil patrol noticed the men working to demolish a warehouse but without any safety measures in place, not even when they were removing the corrugated iron roof, and went to investigate.

When asked for identity papers, none of the men were able to produce any sort of documentation. After photographing the scene, the officers went back to base to check the names given by the individuals and to check for planning permission to demolish the warehouse.

It tuned out that there was no planning permission and the demolition was being carried out without the knowledge of the owner of the premises. Furthermore, one of the individuals gave a false name and initially could not be identified.

Once the investigation was complete, the Guardia Civil tracked down the individuals and variously charged them with illegal demolition, burglary, identity theft and crimes against the rights of workers.

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