Demolition time…

Not a crane, but a digger. The square of concrete in calle El Barrio was occupied this morning as workmen began the complete demolition of one of the old, small properties in the street.

Demolition of the Hotel Park in Benalmádena

Work has begun on the demolition of the Hotel Park in Benalmádena, a building abandoned a decade ago and which, according to the Mayor, Paloma García Gálvez, had become a focal point of unhealthiness. The demolition, long requested by local residents, began after the building was formally declared to be a ruin.

Ronda issues 63 demolition orders

Ronda Council has ordered the demolition of 63 buildings built between 2003 and 2009 on protected, undeveloped land.

Setting an example

The Criminal Court Number 6 in Málaga has ordered Torrox Council to demolish a house built on undeveloped land after the owner, who built the home legally, failed to carry out the demolition himself.

Council approves demolition of water deposits

The Council has approved the demolition of two water deposits near the cemetery which, it is said, will lead to improvements in the water supply and allow for the construction of a parking area.

Water tanks to be demolished

The Council is proposing to demolish two water deposit tanks up near the cemetery, a move which is designed to improve the general water infrastructure and also allow for more parking spaces in the area.

Lleida wind farm must go

A judge at the Court of Contentious Administration in Lleida has ordered the removal of 40 wind turbines from a wind farm in Serra del Tallat.

Criticism of decision to demolish old barracks in Ronda

The opposition parties in Ronda are critical of the Council decision to spend €600,000 on demolishing the old Concepción barracks in the town, a project which has doubled in cost after the discovery that much of the roof was corrugated iron and contained asbestos.