Why indeed…

An interesting comment from Brian on the proposed renovation of calle Alejandro Bueno: ‘4 months seems a long time for this short stretch of road, why so long?’ Hadn’t actually thought about that but now that I have it’s a good question as the street is only 70 metres long.

So, what could be the reason?

  1. Four months does seem to be the standard contract length these days ( used to be three months) for most projects, not that it really has much relevance – look at calle Carabeo. If by some miracle it was finished early, it would be good Brownie points.
  2. Perhaps it is known to be a difficult area, maybe a complex junction of numerous drainage pipes, water supply pipes, electric cables etc.
  3. Another possibility could be that, as has happened in the past (calle Carabeo/Plaza Cavana/Plaza de la Ermita), the same contractor or barely sufficient work crew will be working on several projects at the same time. As we saw with calle Carabeo and Plaza Cavana/calle Carmen, if work was going on in one place, nothing was being done in the other.
  4. Highly unlikely, but maybe it is a question of equality. In other areas undergoing renovation, businesses have had to suffer at least four months of disruption with some being forced to relocate or even go out of business, so why should Los Bilbainos have an easy ride.
  5. Rain is expected, we are coming up to Feria after all.

Any other ideas?

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