Organised walk

The Town Hall is organising a ‘clean-up walk’ to the Los Cahorros area of the natural park on October 1st, an ideal opportunity to do a good deed, see a bit of the countryside and get some exercise.

Hikers in the area have the bad habit of hurling their litter all over the place, including in the trees, and a campaign is under way to try and get people out of this habit and have a little more respect for the environment.

There are two routes being organised, one for those who are relatively physically fit and do not suffer from vertigo, and a second route which is less strenuous, although still classed as medium difficulty, and will enable participants to stop at any time and return to base.

Everyone should wear comfortable shoes and not mind them getting wet and it is recommended that everyone wears a garment which covers the head. You will also need to take water and maybe a snack or some fruit.

The meeting place for both routes is the market site in Almijarra II. Those participating in route one will be taken further in vehicles before starting their walk. Those participating in route two will start, on foot, from the market site. The time to be there is 08:30.

Anyone wishing to take part should sign up at the Municipal Council of Sports, at the headquarters of the Civil Protection or at the Municipal Office of Citizen Services on the ground floor of the Town Hall.

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