Three days of official mourning for landslide victims

The funeral will be held tomorrow for the three victims, a father and two sons, who died when a landslide affected their cave house in Cuevas del Almanzora, Almeria.

The landslide occurred at 05:30 on Friday when a twenty metre clay embankment gave way, affecting five houses in the Realengo district to various degrees.

The house most affected by the landslide saw a family trapped by tons of rubble. At the time of the incident, one son managed to get out of the house unhurt while his mother was rescued at o8:15 through a small gap in the debris.

That left the father and two other sons inside the home. The body of the  first child victim was recovered at 23:30 and shortly after midnight the lifeless body of the second child was recovered.

Rescue work was made more difficult by the size of some of the pieces of rubble. At 01:45, rescue workers recovered the body of the father.

The mother is currently in the Hospital Huércal-Overa suffering from multiple fractures. Another man, aged 25 years, is also in the same hospital after being rescued from one of the other homes affected by the landslide.

There will be three days of official mourning for the victims of this terrible tragedy.

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