Dog attack in Málaga

Police have denounced a dog owner whose unmuzzled pit bull terrier injured two young children at a playground in Málaga.

The dog, running loose, apparently ran into the playground and was attempting to bite two young children aged 5 years and 6 years. Their elder sister, aged 13 years, tried to protect them but both suffered minor injuries to their legs.

A man arrived on the scene but apparently did nothing to help, just took the animal and left.

Police set about tracing the man and he was located in a nearby neighbourhood. However, he was not actually the owner, the dog belonged to a local woman. The owner of the dog was cited for various administrative violations as the dog had no licence, no liability insurance, was not registered, was not vaccinated and had no microchip.

The man who had been walking the dog was charged relating to the attack on the two girls.

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