Conflicts within Local Police in Torrox worsen

The conflicts within the Local Police force in Torrox continue unabated with the Police Union UPLB making criminal complaints against the Police Chief José Roque and Mayor Francisco Muñoz (PSOE) for the alleged crimes of trespass against the rights of workers and falsifying public documents.

Relations within the Local Police have been bad for several years with mass absenteeism, disciplinary proceedings against officers and accusations being made at regular intervals by all parties in the dispute.

Relations worsened with the opening of disciplinary proceedings against one-third of the local force and now, with the discovery of GPS devices in some police cars, there are allegations of ‘spying’ and ‘trespass against the rights of workers’.

There is clearly something fundamentally amiss within the Local Police force in Torrox and it seems to be getting worse. The main sufferers in this conflict are the general public, whose safety and security is being put at risk by all sides in the dispute.

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