Fuengirola clampdown on illegal street vendors

The summer season is almost upon us and Fuengirola Council has set up a special plan to deal with the illegal street vendors who will be plying their wares to the tourists.

The Council describes the street vendors as a ‘scourge’ and is planning a clampdown involiving the Local Police, with uniformed and plain clothes officers out on patrol. The major tourist areas of the town as well as Los Boliches and the port area will be the focus of attention.

Not only are the street vendors not paying licence fees to the municipality, man of them are the purverors of counterfeit goods, particularly CDs and DVDs, watches and other accessories. The illegal vendors are viewed as bad for the ‘image’ of the town as well as detrimental to local, licenced vendors and shops.

Last year the police seized over 16,600 counterfeit items.

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