Málaga Internment Centre to close this month

The Internment Centre for Foreigners (CIE) in plaza de Capuchinos in Málaga will close permanently on June 20th, with the 13 current inmates, 11 men and two women, being transferred to centres in Madrid and Algeciras.

The centre opened in 1990 and in 2006 had a complete change of staff following accusations of sexual abuse against inmates, a case still pending with the prosecution requesting 27 years imprisonment for five National Police officers.

The centre is not deemed suitable for either inmates or staff, conditions not meeting minimum requirements relating to living, working and many other criteria.

Under new regulations, the current Centre for Internment of Foreigners (CIE) will be re-branded as Centre for the Controlled Stay of Foreigners (CEC) and amongst the novel ideas are the separation of inmates with criminal records/convictions from those whose only crime is to be in Spain without a permit.

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