Crackdown on driving under the influence of drink and drugs

Today sees the start of a DGT ‘zero tolerance’ crackdown on driving under the influence of drink or drugs, with random testing being carried out at all times of day and on all types of roads. The crackdown will continue until July 15th.

The drug tests will be random and involve the taking of a small amount of saliva for analysis, the test taking place immediately after the regular blood-alcohol test. If the first drug test proves positive, the driver may not continue behind the wheel and another sample will be sent for a second, more precise test.

If the second test also proves positive, the offender will then be subject to administrative or criminal proceedings. The administrative penalty is the same as for alcohol, a €500 fine and the loss of six licence points.

Criminal proceedings would result in a prison sentence of three to six months or a fine, community service and the loss of driving licence for up to four years.

Spain has one of the highest consumption levels of cannabis and cocaine in the world.

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