Booze ban in Bérchules

The small town of Bérchules in Granada province is fairly unique as it celebrates New Year’s Eve on the first Saturday in August, having adopted this policy in 1995 due to power outages in the municipality during the ‘normal’ New Year celebrations of 1994.

This year, though, there is a new regulation relating to the ‘botellón’, or ‘street drinking’. During the official New Year celebrations, which include the Three Kings parade, firework displays, eating of the grapes and other activities, it will not be permitted to bring and consume alcohol which has been purchased other than from the officially sanctioned bars. In other words, you can’t take your own bottle.

This is the first time this measure has been adopted, although it is supported under the law.

There is, however, an area officially set aside for the ‘botellón’ in Bérchules where the new restriction doesn’t apply, and for this reason the Council doesn’t believe that the new measure will affect visitor numbers.

Around 12,000 people usually flock to Bérchules for this unique and quirky celebration.

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