Happy New Year…

Happy New Year everyone. The Balcón de Europa was the most packed I have seen it for many a year.

First baby of the year in Málaga

The first baby of the year in Málaga was born at the Hospital Materno Infantil at 01:35. The boy, named Sinai, weighed in at 4,005 grams.

Happy New Year

It was the biggest turnout for many a year on the Balcón de Europa,with the seething mass of humanity stretching from the iglesia El Salvador right down to the viewpoint.

New Year celebrations in Bérchules

Around 10,000 people attended the New Year celebrations on Saturday night in the town of Bérchules, Granada province, a tradition which began back in 1994.

Booze ban in Bérchules

The small town of Bérchules in Granada province is fairly unique as it celebrates New Year’s Eve on the first Saturday in August, having adopted this policy in 1995 due to power outages in the municipality during the ‘normal’ New Year celebrations of 1994.

New Year price check

The new year begins with a number of price increases, although users of the butano gas bottles can heave a sigh of relief as the price of those has been frozen for the first quarter at a maximum of €15.09 for a 12.5 litre bottle.