High temperatures and changing winds continue to fan the flames

The continuing high temperatures and winds are hampering efforts to extinguish some of the ten serious fires still raging in various parts of the country.

On La Gomera, the fire which began a week ago was rekindled on Friday and is now totally out of control again. The blaze has destroyed around 3,300 hectares of land, including 300 hectares in the Garajonay National Park.

A fire on Tenerife between El Tanque and Los Silos has forced the evacuation of 400 people from homes located between Erjos and San José de Los llanos. Evacuations have also taken place in Mazca, Los Carrizales, El Palmar, Las Portelas, Valle de Arriba and Santiago del Teide.

In O Barco de Valdeorras, Ourense, fire has already destroyed 1,200 hectares of land and changing wind directions are hampering the effort to control the blaze.

A recent fire in Parque Natural de Las Arribes del Duero is advancing towards the town of Saucelle in Salamanca and strong winds in the Sierra de Béjar are preventing the control and extinction of a fire heading towards Valdefuentes de Sangusín.

Four forest fires which started on Friday in Anchuras (Castilla-La Mancha), Abenójar (Ciudad Real), Carrascosa de Henares (Guadalajara) and Villanueva de Bogas (Toledo) have now been brought under control.

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