Flood death toll reaches eight

A total of eight people have lost their lives in Andalucia during the storms of the past couple of days and many hundreds had to be rescued or evacuated from their homes in towns and villages throughout the region.

An 87 year old woman died in Álora when the Río Guadalhorce suddenly flooded her home. The river had risen rapidly and the force of the water was such that it wiped out one of the bridges in town.

An elderly man died in hospital after he had been rescued by helicopter from the roof of a house in a residential complex in Vera  Playa, Almería. The residential complex had been cut off due to flooding after rainfall of 120 litres per cubic metre.

One man and two children died when the vehicle in which they were travelling was swept away by flood waters in El Esparragal in the municipality of Puerto Lumbreras.

Two people died in Cuevas de Almanzora when their car was swept into a ravine and in Lorca, the body of a woman reported missing has now been found.

One man, Juan Ramírez, who lives alone in the campo in Archidona has been reported missing as no-one has seen him since the rains and flooding began.

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