Six arrested in Málaga for alleged involvement in recruiting Rumanian women for prostitution

Six people have been arrested in Málaga for their alleged involvement in the recruitment of women in Rumania for the purpose of prostitution in Spain, more specifically on the Guadalhorce industrial estate in Málaga.

The organisation consisted mainly of Rumanian nationals belonging to the ‘Turcu’ family. They targeted the less fortunate in their home country, often entering into a false relationship with the women before enticing them to Spain with offers of a better life and work in the hospitality sector. The women were always accompanied on their journey to Spain by a member of the organisation.

The women, some of whom were minors, were provided with false documents but were then forced to work 14 hours a day on the streets in order to pay back their supposed travel costs.

The women had no rest breaks and were kept under tight control through the use of threats and coercion, either against themselves or their families back in Rumania. Their working conditions have been described as ‘unsanitary’ and ‘inhumane’.

Seven Rumanian women, three of them minors, were ‘freed’ as a result of the raid.

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