At last!

All hail to the mathematicians at Wolverhampton University for taking the time and using up a bit more taxpayer money to come up with: 100 – [10L – 7F + C(k – C) + T(m – T)]/(S – E). No doubt someone, somewhere has been waiting on tenterhooks for this life-changing formula.

It is apparently the formula for a perfect pancake no less. However, I think I will carry on making mine as I always have, they seem to turn out fine. Except for the first one, sometimes, but the formula doesn’t seem to alter that.

For the purists:

L: The number of lumps in the mixture (0)
F: Flipping score (100)
C: Consistency (10)
k: Ideal consistency (5)
T: Temperature of the pan (375)
m: Perfect pan temperature (377)
S: The time the batter stands before cooking (30)
E: The time the pancake is left to stand before eating (0)

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