Train services axed in Málaga province

The rail network operator RENFE has axed two train services between Córdoba and Bobadilla and two between Ronda and Algeciras as part of a rationalisation plan for middle distance trains in Málaga province.

Between Córdoba and Bobadilla, the 12:30 from Córdoba and the 15:25 from Bobadilla are both axed, leaving just two trains operating, the 18:45 from Córdoba and the 08:50 from Bobadilla. The axed trains had a tourist class ticket price of €10.95, the ones that remain have a tourist class ticket price of €21.00.

Between Algeciras and Ronda, the trains which have been axed are the 07:30 from Ronda and the 19:00 from Algeciras. This still leaves five trains running in each direction.

In 2011, the Córdoba to Bobadilla line carried 6,400 opassengers with an operating cost of €689,000, with only 5.9% being borne by ticket sales, the rest coming from the public purse. The Ronda to Algeciras line was used by 10,400 people in 2011, with running costs of €524,000. Of this amount, 9% was covered by ticket sales, the remaining €477,000 came out of the public purse.

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