Q for Quality flags received

The Town Hall has received the three ‘Q’ for Quality flags for this year, these corresponding to Burriana and Torrecilla beaches, as usual, and for the first time, El Chucho beach.

In the case of beaches, the Q for Quality flag relates to a number of criteria, such as equipment, cleaning services, security, rescue and information. The Q for Quality is part of the Integrated System for Spanish Tourism Quality, a project that involves the cooperation and involvement of all three levels of government: State, Autonomous Communities and Municipal, as well as the private sector.

This year there are 174 certified beaches, corresponding to 93 municipalities and public authorities located in 10 regions, as well as 15 water sport installations that have earned the distinction Q for Quality.

  1. janine says:

    I can´t understand why these beaches in Nerja deserve this reward considering the bad quality of the sea wáter most of the summer days.
    Without any sewage plant all the sewage of the city is thrown into the sea and with the currents the garbage comes to the shore and contaminates the beaches.
    The boat which is supposed to collect the dirt from the surface of the wáter is totally useless because most of the time nothing is removed and I was told that it costs a lot of money.
    Do you still think that these beaches deserve these Q FLAGS ?????

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