Gibraltar registers complaint with the EC over border delays

The Gibraltar government has filed a complaint with the European Commission as a result of the ‘intentional delays caused by the Spanish authorities’ to EU citizens wishing to enter or leave the Rock.

The Gibraltar government maintains ‘while Spain has the right to check people and goods passing through the border, these controls should be proportionate and not interfere with the freedom of movement of citizens of the European Union through an internal border of the EU’.

It adds that the delays, up to six hours, were a humanitarian problem with many queuing for hours in 30 degree heat being the elderly, sick and children. The Gibraltar authorities distributed 11,000 bottles of water to those needing it.

The Gibraltar authorities complain that Spain has not instituted red and green channels for the easier passage of those with nothing to declare and that currently, virtually all cars are being stopped and inspected.

The delays have drawn criticism not only from the British authorities but also from some Spanish companies, organisations and even politicians.

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