Mayor of Cádiz facing charges

The mayor of Jerez, María José García Pelayo, has been called to answer charges of misappropriation and breach of trust following a complaint made by the former urban bus concessionaire Urbanos Amarillos.

Junta de Andalucia not happy with debt limit

The Junta de Andalucia, as one might have expected, is not happy with the debt limits set by the Executive of the Central Government and announced by the Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy (CPFF) at a meeting held on Tuesday.

Complaint against Local Police officer in Torrox

The working environment within the Local Police force in Torrox has not been a happy one for several years now, with claims and counter claims, disciplinary proceedings and complaints being made on a regular basis.

Complaint about a pack of dogs

Residents in Barriada de los Poetas and urbanisations Capistrano and El Algarrobo have once again complained about a pack of dogs owned by a local man and are reported as saying that they ‘live in fear’.

Role reversal

In what is being seen as a sort of role reversal, software giant Microsoft is taking an anti-competition complaint against search giant Google to the European Commission. The software maker claims that Google used its dominant position in the search market to restrict the growth of Microsoft services. In 2003, an EC ruling determined that Microsoft had unfairly advantaged its …

Complaints about rubbish in Torrox

The Young Socialists group in Torrox has complained to the Council that the rubbish collection area next to the Colina del Sol school has become an unhealthy site attracting insects and rodents and poses a potential health risk.