Local man planning to walk to Gibraltar with cross on his back to ask for end to conflict

Local Nerja resident Justo Márquez, aged 50 years, is planning to walk from Málaga to Gibraltar with a cross on his back to demand an end to the current conflict.

Márquez will begin his journey on August 29th and expects to complete the 140 kilometre trek in about a week. Once at the Rock he intends to spend 24 hours fasting and in prayer in front of the fence separating Spain and Gibraltar, asking God to end the conflict.

The cross being carried by Justo Márquez measures three metres in length, is two metres wide, made of wood and weighs around ten kilos.

During his journey to the Rock, he will also be carrying a sign reading ‘No more hunger, no more war, peace in the world’. This is not the first such journey undertaken by this Nerja resident.

  1. I don’t think I need to list the problems in this world that are caused by ‘religion’…. we wouldn’t have the wars he is dillusionarily protesting against if there were no religions. Yes, I hope no harm comes to this man, but he is creating a target of himself to those who have other misplaced beliefs.

  2. It is not religions that are to blame, it is the extremists who use religion as their excuse.

  3. Correct, I, and many other rational people believe in reality, not fiction. I’ll let you have the last word.

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