Calle Martínez Catena and calle Lamo de Espinosa roadworks to start this month

The proposed works to convert calle Martínez Catena and calle Lamo de Espinosa in Fuengirola into ‘boulevards’ is now set to commence on Monday September 16th.

The two streets, as well as being tourist areas, are the main entrances to Fuengirola port. The works include widening pavements, which will be up to 12 metres wide in parts, planting trees, landscaping, installation of LED lighting and other general improvements.

Some parking spaces will be removed to make the area more aesthetically pleasing, the Council pointing out that local residents have their own private parking and visitors can use the underground parking facility.

The total cost of these works is currently expected to be in excess of €2.1 million, all but €80,000 being financed by the Málaga Provincial Council.

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