New Municipal Information Centre for Women in Pizarra

Pizarra now has a Municipal Information Centre for Women, the twenty-first such facilty in Málaga province.

The centre will offer care, information and advice to the female population of the municipality. There are three staff at the centre, a social worker, a legal adviser and a technician to help with searching for employment.

The Junta de Andalucia intends to subsidise the centre, providing 50% of its total budget of €35,000.

The inauguration of the new centre, the first to open in the province for five years, was attended by, amongst others, the Andalucian Government delegate José Luis Ruiz Espejo, the mayor of Pizarra, Francisco Vargas, the Health and Social Welfare delegate, Daniel Pérez and the provincial coordinator of the Andalucian Women’s Institute, Estefanía Martín Palop,

Last year, the Information Centres in Málaga province handled around 19,000 enquiries. Of these, 3,250 related to employment, 2,356 related to abuse, 1,430 to guardianship, custody and unpaid pensions, 2,295 related to divorce and separation, 970 to psychological counselling and 351 to social counselling.

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