Fishermen, EU inspectors and queues

Fishermen from La Linea de la Concepción, Cádiz, have returned to fishing around Gibraltar during the past few days with no reports of incidents, this relaxation in tension coinciding with the arrival of EU inspectors.

The fishermen have reported that they have been fishing near the contested concrete blocks with no sign of police presence, although they fully expect the situation to change once the EU inspectors depart.

Meanwhile, six EU inspectors spent Wednesday at the Spanish-Gibraltar border, reporting co-operation from both sides as they investigated queues and the smuggling of contraband.

The queues at the border tend to be in the mornings in La Linea as workers head for the Rock and in the afternoon in Gibraltar as shoppers and workers leave the Rock. Strangely, the inspectors decided to spend the morning in Gibraltar and the afternoon in La Linea and, as a result, did not encounter any queues at the border. ROFL

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