First storms of the year cause more than 250 incidents in Andalucia

The first storms of the year have caused in excess of 250 incidents in Andalucia, particularly in Cádiz and Huelva provinces where strong winds have toppled walls, trees and even lampposts.

Four off-duty Málaga firemen were injured while fitting snow chains to their vehicle after they were hit by another vehicle in Iznalloz, Granada province. One of the injured is in a serious condition in hospital after suffering head wounds, a second has multiple fractures to one of his legs and two have already been discharged after being treated for minor injuries.

Three roads in Almeria have been closed to traffic due to snow and one road in Sevilla had to be closed for an hour on Sunday after the arroyo El Saladillo burst its banks. The road closures in Almeria are on the A-399 between km 6 and km 28 in Oria, the AL-5405 in Abla, and the AL-4404 between km 15 and km 30 in Gérgal.

The use of snow chains is obligatory between km 6 and km 28 on the AL-5402 in Laujar Andarax and between km 36 and km 18 of the AL-1178 in Gergal .

Snow chains are also required on the A-4015 and A-395 access roads to Sierra Nevada from km 8 in the direction of the ski station and there is restricted traffic movement on the A-337 from the town of La Calahorra up to Puerto de La Ragua .

More than sixty incidents were reported in Huelva, mostly due to high winds and one woman was slightly injured by a falling roof tile. Most of the incidents occurred in the capital.

Snow has been the main problem in Jaén and snow chains are required on around a dozen roads in the province.

The strong winds also caused the suspension of maritime services between the enclave of Ceuta and mainland Spain.

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