55th International Festival of Music and Dance

The FITUR Tourist Fair has been used to announce the 55th International Festival of Music and Dance taking place at the Nerja Caves from July 19th to 26th 2014, although half of the events will take place outside the caverns due to conservation concerns.

Saturday July 19th at 22:00 – Concert on the Balcón de Europa featuring local singer Nuria Fergó. She will be accompanied by the Málaga Symphony Orchestra. Entry is free.

Sunday July 20th – Concert on the Balcón de Europa by the baritone Iñaki Fresán with Juan Vicente Téllez on piano. The second half of the concert will feature the vocals of the Coral Alminares de Nerja with José Eugenio Vicente directing and solos by tenor Iván Villa and sopranos Carmen Vicente and Estela Vicente. Entry is free.

Monday July 21st – Concert on the Balcón de Europa by the celebrated Lebanese violinist Ara Malikian and his orchestra. Fernando Hurtado and his dance company will assist with the concert. Entry is free.

Tuesday July 22nd – Concert on the Balcón de Europa by the Nerja Municipal Band. Entry is free.

Wednesday July 23rd – Concert in the Nerja Caves with the classical sextet Cuerda Quirin performing pieces by Purcell, Tchaikovsky and Boquerini amongst others. Entry €30 to €40.

Thursday July 24th – Concert in the Nerja Caves by the Peruvian National Ballet. The dancers will perform a piece entitled Preludio 2014, choreographed by Pepe Hevia and featuring the music of Chopin, Bach and Schubert. Entry €30 to €40

Friday July 25th – Concert in the Nerja Caves by flamenco singer Carmen Linares with a guest appearance of the dancer Belén Maya. Entry €30 to €40

Saturday July 26th – Concert in the Nerja Caves by Diana Navarro, accompanied by the Aljarafe Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Pedro Vázquez. Entry €30 to €40



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