Facade Beautification Contest in Maro

If you live in the village of Maro then you have a chance of winning a prize of up to €800 for decorating the facade, balcony, windows or corners. In addition, the winners will receive a souvenir ceramic plaque for placing on the wall.

The I Facade Beautification Contest is an initiative from the Maro Tourism Working Group and is open to all dwellings in Maro, individually or collectively and without prior registration. It involves the decoration of balconies, windows, corners and facades, particularly valuing the traditional white facades. Plinths can be a maximum of 20 centimetres in height.

An external jury will appraise the contestants and the prizes will be awarded in May 2014. The first prize is €800, second prize is €300 and the third prize is €100, each prize accompanied by a commemorative ceramic plaque.

There is also a prize of €800 and a plaque for a set of fronts comprising at least 3 households.

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