Fake identity documents

Local Police in Málaga were called out after reports that a group of kids were throwing bottles in the street and this led to the arrest of three people on suspicion of producing fake ID cards.

Police began to identify the youths throwing bottles and one of them produced his ID (DNI) card. However, when he was frisked, officers found another ID card in his pocket, a forgery but one which would have fooled most people.

This in turn led to the arrest of three people, two 18-year-olds and a minor, who were manufacturing false ID’s for classmates in order to obtain entrance to adult establishments. The cards were being sold for €15 each.

Police believe that as many as fifty of the cards had been made but only fifteen were recovered during the investigation.

The youths would copy existing DNI cards and carefully alter the date of birth, the task being carried out with such skill that the average person would not notice that the card was a fake.

The three youths were charged and then released.

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