Illegal hawker denounced

Many people will have seen, and certainly many more heard, a white van touring the streets of Nerja, megaphone blaring to announce the sale of sacks of potatoes at very economical prices. However, this was not appreciated by the Local Police.

The owner of the van, a resident of Utrera, has been denounced for illegal hawking and for using a megaphone, both being offences relating to municipal ordinances. He was stopped in calle Pintada.

The merchandise on sale, namely large sacks of potatoes, had all the necessary paperwork and as a result were not impounded by the police.

  1. John Lanfear says:

    I find it amazing that the police act so quickly on this occasion but do nothing to stop the man who goes round Nerja basically impersonating Manollo. He puts the same card as Mannollo on the table, generally targeting younger visitors, and can at times get quite aggressive with his request for money.On our many visits to Nerja we have seen him do it in view of patrolling policemen but he just seems to get away with it. Why?

  2. We have also seen this other man, as you say he can become very aggressive. We have also seen him on several occasions in Chiringito Mauri on Playa Playazo talking on his mobile! As we have lived here now for nearly 4 years the ‘true’ Manolo’ just says ‘hello’ and the false one ignores us!

  3. John Lanfear says:

    I believe that he has been reported to the local police but they have been unable to apprehend him. Has anyone else been approached by him? Manolo is the only person in Nerja licensed to do this and I am pretty certain this other guy is not doing it to feed his family.

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