La Loca Carmela closes plus a round-up of closures

La Loca Carmela (formerly Bar Alameda)in calle Jaén, Nerja, has closed after a very short existence. A quick recap on some of the bars and restaurants which have disappeared during the past six months or so in case any are on your list of former favourites.

La Loca Carmela, El Ancla, El Tapeito, El Patio Cordobés, Saloon, Sloans, Bollywood Bombay, Poseidon, Budha Bar, Boathouse Bar, The Boatyard Bar, Paparazzi, Safari, Sharam’s, Scrum, Dal Toscano (closed due to in-progress relocation), Stoker Brown’s, Rocky II, Wai Wai Wok (closed due to in-progress relocation), Blue Med, La Sardina Alegra, La Gran Evasión, Bar Turry, Chique, La Canoa, La Caña, New Inn, Aguamarina, Sushi Away, Da Tino, Cafe Plaza del Olvido, Zacatecas, La Trattoria, El Duque, El Pulpito, Casa Luque.

Still open but with ‘for sale’ or ‘for rent’ signs include Pequeña Cibeles, The Anchor and For You.

  1. sue and ken says:

    can you run through what, if anything, has replaced all these places. (can’t believe Stoker Brown has gone)

    • The Captain says:

      Of all of them, these are the replacements: El Tapeito now La Tertulia, El Patio Cordobés soon to be Ichiban Japanese restaurant, Sloans now Essence, La Sardina Alegra taken over by an expanding La Taberna, La Gran Evasión now Manny’s Bar, Bar Turry now El Quijote, Chique now Bar Rafael, New Inn now La Vechia Osteria, Sushi Away now an Estate Agent/Hairdresser, Cafe Plaza del Olvido now Fusion Lounge, Zacatecas now For You, La Trattoria now V&P, El Duque now Bar Alonso, Casa Luque now MarBella.

      • For you has been shuttered for a month with a sign in the window. You’re one behind, Captain! And the new Japanese place yet to open is called “Ichiban”, not Ichibata.

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