Early morning attempted bank robbery in Málaga

At around 08:00 on Monday morning two robbers entered the BBVA bank in Paseo de Sancha, Málaga, and took two hostages as they tried to gain access to the safe.

The two men, aged 56 and 60 years and residents of Málaga, entered the bank through a hole they had made from an adjoining bar. They then waited for the employees to arrive for work.

The first employee, a pregnant woman, entered the bank and was threatened in an attempt to make her open the safe. A few minutes later a second employee arrived and he too became a hostage.

Fifteen National Police vehicles arrived on the scene, even managing to block the street to stop the robbers from escaping.

The situation eventually ended with the arrest of the two suspected robbers, one being apprehended on the street, the second caught as he tried to make his way out of the bank the same way they had got in.

The pregnant employee needed treatment for an anxiety attack, otherwise there were no injuries reported during the incident.

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