Unpublished works by Joaquín Lobato

The Málaga Provincial Council and the Vélez-Málaga Council have arranged for the publication of 1,500 folders containing unpublished poems and drawings by the poet and artist Joaquín Lobato who died in April 2005.

The folder is entitled, ‘Cuaderno de la Semana Santa’ and contains 18 pages of previously unpublished material.The folder can be obtained in exchange for a €10 donation, with the entire amount going to the Department of Social Services  for various projects as well as to the Emaús Social Diner where meals are provided for the disadvantaged in the district.

Joaquín Lobato bequeathed all his works to Vélez-Málaga and these are on show in the Palacio Marqués de Beniel. The presentation of the new folder will take place in the Palacio Marqués de Beniel next Monday at 20:00.

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