Huge cocaine bust in Algeciras

The National Police and Guardia Civil in Algeciras have arrested six people and seized 2,500 kilos of cocaine hidden in a container of pineapples from Costa Rica.

The cocaine shipment, one of the largest intercepted in the European Union, was enough to supply 20 million individual doses.

The arrests were made in Valdemoro and Getafe. The traffickers had created an undertaking whose business was the import of fruit from countries of South America to Spain by sea and the company moved huge amounts of fruit during 2013 and 2014, importing more than 140 containers, with the apparent intention of hindering control over them and thus introduce the drug in the safest way possible. During the police investigation numerous containers were checked but none were found to contain drugs.

In late April it was discovered that the company was set to receive three containers loaded with pineapples in the port of Algeciras and it was inside one of these that police found 2,515 kilos of cocaine.

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