Brown Recluse spiders confirmed in Dos Hermanos

A Public Health report has confirmed the existence of the Brown Recluse Spider, a highly venomous arachnid from the Caribbean area, in the Montequinto district of Dos Hermanas, Sevilla.

Six people have suffered bites from the spider, one girl requiring a skin graft. The spider apparently first appeared in 2012 and seems to have taken a liking to the area.

The Brown Recluse Spider is about 3 centimetres in length, has long legs and can be distinguished by a spot on its head which resembles a violin – but best not to get that close. However, the violin-shaped marking is not conclusive proof as both cellar spiders and pirate spiders have similar markings.

The spider is photophobic (doesn’t like light) and likes dark and damp places, such as vents, showers, baths, drains etc. It feeds on termites and silverfish and breeds from May to September, laying many eggs. It is not, however, an aggressive spider and bites are generally quite rare.

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