San Isidro 2014 prizes

In addition to the procession and various other activities, prizes were also available in a number of categories during San Isidro and the results were as follows:

Best ox cart:

1. Brotherhood of El El Resucitado.
2. Escuela de Idiomas
3. Patio Andaluz
A fourth prize went to a float pulled by mules ‘Las pipis’.

Motorised floats:

1. Los Amigos
2. Nuestro Barrio
3. Peña Taitantos
4. Peña Nerjeña

Carriage Horses:

1. Miguel Broncano
2. Javier Rodriguez
3. Roberto
4. Dani

Horse riders – pairs:

1. Javier and Nerva
2. Alberto and Olivia
3. Oscar and carolina
4. Juani and Paola

Horse riders – singles:

1. Marina Broncano
2. José Broncano
3. Maira
4. Marina Jaime

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