San Isidro 2014 prizes

In addition to the procession and various other activities, prizes were also available in a number of categories during San Isidro and the results were as follows:

Increased prize fund for Carnival 2014

The number and value of prizes at this year’s Carnival have been increased, a measure coinciding with the thirtieth anniversary of the event.

San Isidro 2013 prize winners

There were a number of prizes in various categories awarded during the San Isidro celebrations and these were as follows:

May Crosses competition results

A worthy winner in the May Crosses competition, the first prize going to the nautically themed cross in calle Pintada. Second place was awarded to La Maquinilla and the third prize was for the cross located in the alley between calle Pintada and Plaza de España.

San Isidro 2012 prize winners

The prizes in the various categories for the Romería de San Isidro will be presented at midday on May 19th in the Town Hall. The lucky winners were:

Day of the Cross winners

The winner of the Day of the Cross competition was the cross of La Maquinilla. In second place was calle Pintada and in third place the cross of the Coro del Cautivo. The best ‘arropia’ (cake made from honey, flour and spices) was made by the Asociación de Mujeres Fuente del Badén in the Barriada de los Poetas, followed by the Centro …

Literary competition winners

The prizes have been awarded for the literary contest VIII Certamen Literario de Cartas “Nerjamujer”, the theme of which was ‘letters to woman who fought for equal rights’.

Legal grafitti

The Councillor for Youth, Charo Villasclaras, has presented awards to the winners of the grafitti competition.

‘Conductor Alternativo’ campaign in Vélez-Málaga

Delegations from the Social Action and Family, Youth and Local Police in  have launched an interesting new safety campaign aimed at the youth in the municipality, designated ‘conductor alternativo’ – alternative driver.