Two ‘gas inspectors’ arrested after fleecing elderly man

Guardia Civil officers have arrested two workers from a gas company who not only carried out a ‘gas inspection’  for an exorbitant fee but also returned to relive an 84-year-old man of €3,000 in cash.

The elderly man, who lives in Sedella, received a phone call from a woman who said that two gas inspectors would be visiting him. The inspectors duly arrived and carried out their ‘inspection’, charging the man €356. The normal price is around €50.

According to the victim, the ‘inspectors’ watched him as he extracted moneyto pay them  from an envelope in his closet. Two days ñater the ‘inspectors’ returned, saying they wanted to check that everything was functioning properly. At one point, one of the workers went with the man to his kitchen, leaving the second worker alone.

After the ‘inspectors’ departed, the victim noticed that his closet door was open and, upon checking, he found that €3,000, money saved for a new hearing aid, was gone.

Neighbours noticed the two workers discarding the emptied envelopes out of the window of their vehicle.

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