Fifteen bogus gas inspectors arrested

The Guardia Civil have arrested fifteen people in Málaga and Granada as the alleged members of an organisation that swindled 130 people by means of fraudulent gas revisions.

Bogus gas inspectors on the prowl

Bogus gas inspectors have been making the rounds in Torrox Costa, looking to fleece the unwary of their hard-earned money.

‘Gas inspectors’ making their rounds…

Be aware and alert, there are a number of ‘gas inspectors’ making their way from door to door in Nerja at the moment, just don’t let them in. The upcoming summer season will no doubt see more of these individuals crawling out of the woodwork.

Network of fake gas inspectors dismantled

After an investigation lasting two years, the National Police have broken up an organisation of so-called gas inspectors who created a network of 60 fake companies and cheated nearly 2,000 people throughout Spain, mainly targeting the elderly, disabled and tourists.

Increased activity by bogus gas inspectors

There have apparently been a number of complaints made during the past few days relating to bogus gas inspectors visiting homes in Nerja. As the busy summer season approaches, these sorts of incidents will only increase as unscrupulous individuals seek to take advantage of the unwary. see Gas Installations

Bogus gas inspectors on the prowl again, don’t get caught out

Bogus gas inspectors are once again on the prowl, going from door to door, so do make sure you don’t get taken in. See Gas Inspections. The golden rule is don’t let them in, however persuasive they may sound, as it could cost you a fortune.

Bogus gas inspectors about again

It often seems that when a crackdown occurs further down the coast – timeshare, gas inspectors etc – it only takes a day or two until there is an outbreak in Nerja. Bogus gas inspectors were rounded up in Marbella and suddenly the ‘inspectors’ are going door to door in Nerja. Don’t get caught. See Gas Installations.

Remember the golden rule…

Several bogus ‘gas inspectors’ have been doing the rounds recently in Nerja, some of them being quite persistent. One called at my door last week. Just remember the golden rule for anyone turning up on your doorstep talking about gas inspections, revisions and the like: DON’T LET THEM IN. Don’t be swayed by talk of ‘it’s the law’, ‘compulsory’ or …

Beware the gas man…

‘Gas Inspectors’ are on the prowl at the moment in Nerja, so do be aware and DON’T LET THEM IN. The one who called at my door today wasn’t even sure if I even had gas!…see Gas Installations…