Long queues out of Gibraltar

The annual August tourist influx has led to queues of up to four hours for people leaving Gibraltar as the Spanish authorities increase controls in what they claim is an attempt to combat the smuggling of tobacco and other items.

August is always a busy month and there have always resulted in delays, although these have been highlighted in recent years due to the regular spats between the UK and Spanish governments. However, in September, Spain will begin to work on the implementation of EU recommendations to alleviate the situation and reduce tensions.

One of the recommendations is the introduction of a ‘red channel’ to expedite the transit of workers to and from the Rock, particularly during busy periods. This measure will apparently be fully operational ‘soon’, although not in time to alleviate the problem this year, of course.

It is reported that one of the biggest queues coincided with the arrival of the nuclear submarine ‘Annapolis’, although the two events are hardly likely to have been connected.

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