Dinner at Maria Bonita

Went for a celebratory meal at Maria Bonita in Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos, Nerja, and it did not disappoint, the restaurant continuing to maintain high standards….and huge portions.

Maria Bonita, Nerja

We had a variety of dishes – Rack of lamb, Ribs, Fish Brochette, Salmon and a Steak with Roquefort – and, apart from being sizeable portions, all were very well cooked and presented. My rack of lamb was beautifully cooked and delicious.

Maria Bonita, Nerja

The restaurant was packed, but the service was still excellent as the staff raced round to make sure everyone was kept happy. It is also very good value for money as, with numerous drinks included – beers, wines, cocktails – it worked out at around €20 per head.

Maria Bonita, Nerja

The only, ever so slight, minus point would be the fact that they do not appear to be able to make a Margarita to save their lives. For me, at least, grapefruit and sugar is no substitute for lemon/lime and salt, it just doesn’t work.

Maria Bonita, Nerja Maria Bonita, Nerja

  1. caroline says:

    Is Maria Bonita’ s open at Xmas? Parents went there in May and raved about this place!

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