More defendants added in the ERE corruption case

The judge in charge of investigating the ERE corruption case, Mercedes Alaya, has added another twenty names to her list of defendants to make 227 in total.

The latest additions, accused of alleged embezzlement and corruption, include former Junta de Andalucia officials Gaspar Zarrías y Mar Moreno. They join a number of other officials from the Junta de Andalucia, including former presidents Chaves and Griñan.

Many of the accused are ‘aforadas’ with immunity from prosecution in any court lower that the Supreme Court.

The ERE is just one of the numerous recent corruption cases involving politicians, union officials, entrepreneurs, professionals and many others. Not all the corruption cases end up going to trial, some just being ‘filed’.

If they do go to trial, the cases can drag on for years and years, the ‘Malaya’ case in Marbella being a prime example.

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